Fitness Center

Please enjoy the WiFi network that has been activated in the Fitness Center. The password is Oldtown17.

Fitness Center Security Door
During normal pool hours, the fitness center will only be accessible through the security door located to the right of the fitness center main entrance.Please use the follow procedure to open the security door:

  1. Enter your 4-digit pass code followed by the # sign into the keypad to the left of the door. This number is the same as your 4-digit membership number.
  2. The system will process the code and open the door. This may take a few seconds, so please be patient.
  3. Push down on the door handle and pull the door open. The door will close automatically behind you.
  4. Use the main doors as you normally would when you exit.

 If you have any questions please contact Darryl Lewis at 336-722-6325, extension 121 or by email at

Welcome to the OTC Fitness Center
Members are enjoying our new fitness center and making good use of all the equipment and classes. Listed below is information regarding the fitness center policies, class offerings and trainer information. Please take a moment and fill out a fitness waiver if you intend on using the fitness facilities. Hard copies of the waiver are available at the front desk and fitness center entrance.

Please contact Darryl Lewis with any further questions.

Junior Access  

Children 16 and over are permitted to use the fitness facility without supervision, although we do ask parents to reinforce that everyone needs to sign in at the podium before working out.

Children ages 13 to 15 are permitted in the fitness facility while under the supervision of a parent, guardian or personal trainer.

Children under the age of 13 are not permitted in the facility at any time.

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